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Here is part two.


So the whole thing totals in the 200-300 page range, which is of course completely beyond my ability to produce. You gotta pay at least $100 a page to get competent work, and I can’t do it myself — I’m snowed under with projects for two or three years already.

Plus I don’t WANT to do it myself. The whole plan was to write a perfect script. I want to be involved at every step of the production, and I thoroughly intend to go through the final art for the pages and add historical trivia to the backgrounds of shots, but for once in my life I want to find somebody else to draw one of my scripts.

But that artist that I need, the one who’s crazy enough to work a year for free, they have yet to appear. At the moment, the best hope appears to be in the direction of grants and sponsorships. Gewel took an important step forward in figuring that stuff out, so I hope there’s more news soon here.

I could also do a Kickstarter, but the amount of money I’d need to pay the artist would be hard to do on crowdfunding, and since you need the art to get the funding, and there is currently no art at all, then we are way ahead of ourselves.

Radio Free North Hollywood.

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