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I live in Austin for the forseeable future. I'll still be going to MCBA and SDCC, not so sure about the Gathering but probably (if we do, Gewel and I will fly). I've got a camera again, though the pictures I take sometimes only make sense to me.

People were going up on the understructure of the bridge for some reason.

Barton Springs.

one of the cooler little things lately; Rand had to fix a hole in his driveway, which required a big concrete "pie" that weighs several hundred pounds, has several different types of rebar woven through it, and will essentially be there long after you and I and everybody we know is gone. He asked me to do something "artistic, but not too artistic" with the surface, so I had a lot of fun making a notional brick "labyrinth."

Consider; I had to improvise this with less than ten minutes of warning, but this chunk of rock will endure for thousands of years. I'm serious, with all the rebar we have in there it would be almost literally impossible to move this rock by hand. Even if you knew where it all was (and you can't tell, because it's driven inbetween a giant slab of concrete and a bunch of calliche) it would require you to excavate halfway aroud it and then chip it away with a sledgehammer. I do not envy you this task.

Litsa and Leah and Gewel and I went to Enchanted Rock this weekend. Jolly good. We played spades.

We saw vultures.

Back in Austin, I take this picture a lot.

Really the same picture.

Really the same picture.

Really the same picture.

Some rather dim pictures from Staple 2011.

This is still in progress; I was trying to make an animatic of the last twenty pages of Cloudhopper 2. It didn't work that well, but I'm getting there.
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A drawing that I've had sitting on my desktop for, literally, years. Finally got around to finishing it.

So I moved out of my apartment down in South Austin, hopefully Gewel and I will be moving in to Hyde Park some time very very soon.

Here's some pictures of the driveway at the last apartment, I think the spray paint overspray look is quite nice.

Looking at those pictures, I think something is not quite right with this camera.
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This is the gentleman who has burnt down a few establishments in our fair town.

I think I met this guy last...April?

Zach and I used to hang out at the Green Muse and draw. I would wander off and looked for a place to smoke. The Green Muse had a really cool and unusual patio, especially for a strip-mall coffeeshop. It was multilevelled and wood-paneled, and had a nice canvas awning. Directly behind it was Gillis Park; between the two there was a wooden fence and a narrow concrete trench, of the kind they usually have behind convenience stores in hilly towns; about as deep as your waste, wide as your arm.

So I was walking around Gillis Park, exploring and smoking. And I looked down into the trench, because I'm curious about stuff and all. And then I walked out of the tiny grove of trees that grew up in the park beside the trench, and I heard someone cursing. And cursing and cursing. Gradually I realized they were cursing at me.

There's a picnic table under some live oak trees and on that table is a little guy in a windbreaker who is just yelling at me and cussing me out in fairly foul and incomprehensible language. I was worried for a second, because I thought he was going to attack me. So I got out of there, he didn't follow me. I went back around and looked over the wall, and he was still cussing. All the little kids playing soccer stayed well away from him. He just sat on that picnic table, hands in his pockets, fuming and spitting.

"What's the problem?" I thought. "It's a nice day and he's just gotta sit there and make people uncomfortable? Why's he gotta ruin the park for everybody?"

Well, now I know the answer. He was trying to warn us.

Since he saw me come out of the ditch behind the Green Muse, he probably thought I had emerged from one of the tunnels and I guess I looked more like an undercover FEMA agent to him than an escapee, so he gave it to me both guns.

It's interesting how he mapped the internal decay of his mind onto his surroundings. I wonder how he chose that park; maybe it reminded him of something in his youth, something that he wanted to tell us but didn't know how.

Come to think of it, the last time I was at the Green Muse, or the next to last, we heard him yelling over the patio walls. He was very well known in the area so I guess my experiences were not unique.

It's too bad, I guess. It's not like nobody could have seen his eventual explosion coming. It would have been cheaper to hospitalize him than to rebuild the businesses and keep him in prison, sure, but that's only if the hospitalization actually helps him, or at least keeps him harmless. What's the difference between a prison and an involuntary commitment to a psychiatric institution? Intention, I guess.

In COMPLETELY unrelated news, I finished a drawing that has been sitting on my desktop since last year, when the Israelis attacked the aid convoy:

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Finished it!

This was originally part of megaTexas #5 but I completely redrew it for this anthology.

Now all I have to do is finish the last two pages of Cloudhopper #2, and print everything.

The entire story is here: http://unnecessaryg.com/comics/soccer/index.htm

so you can read it all at once and hit that little "like" button on the bottom.

Turtle Bay

Jan. 12th, 2011 05:34 am
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I gave my sister a painting for Christmas 2008. I finally finished it a couple weeks ago.

It's a nine-painting grid, made with stencils and spray paint. Forgive the camera distortion in that picture, all the canvases are the same size and shape.

There it is on the wall of my sister's house. I hope someday that there is a couch there that it can match. I know Alix likes it but I have to find out whether her fiancee is enthusiastic about it or is simply tolerating it before I know whether I should make something for their wedding or buy something.

Here's some pictures of it along the way:

The stencils in the cutting-out process, about a year ago.

Preparing the test canvases, last year sometime.

Close-up of Panel D.

Close-up of Panel F.

Alix and Dad putting it on the wall.

Alix gets the original, and because it is a Christmas Present and it is The Thought That Counts she gets the intellectual property rights as well. But I can make more versions of this, so if you would like one please contact me and I will make one for you. Since the colors are spray-paint you can of course choose what colors would match your particular couch.
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If you ever wondered how modern illustration "draws" (hurr hurr) from 19th century painting may I suggest a trip to the museum. You can see the evolution of a technology that allows us to crank out similar product at much smaller sizes and higher speeds.

Uhh...I just noticed this, but Steve Jobs looks like a supervillain.

If we learned nothing else from Michael Jackson, it's that if you're dressing like you're the bad guy in a comic book things are not well at home.

So here I am in a hotel again. I got an eye infection or something, it might be corneal abrasion, I did not really understand the doctor. At least it didn't cost me because hey, socialized medicine!

Since I can't see I can't really see France so I elected to hang out inside and take it easy. Maybe this is the last big rest-up before the jump home!

Anyway, there have been very few pictures last week, but the ones there have been are good.

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