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My eternal portrait of Dag Hammarskjold. I put a few more hours into it, I think I'm done again. This is where it was a year ago: http://unnecessaryg.com/lj/atx2010/coldwarkitsch.jpg

Oh, while I'm at it here's a costume study for book 3 of Cloudhopper:

I've produced nine or ten paintings in the last few days but forgot to take pictures of them, and now they're on the wall of the Hideout. Hopefully they will sell before I ever have the chance to photograph them. Ah, wishful thinking.

UPDATE: Holy mackerel, this is what happens when I superimpose this year's version over last year's version:

Which is getting freakily close to the actual photo:

So the average of the two portraits is correct. I shall meditate upon this mystery.


geoffsebesta: (Default)

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