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Sarah Palin

Jun. 7th, 2011 02:41 pm
geoffsebesta: (Default)
When you grow up rich in America, you are effectively presented with a list of questions that you must never, ever ask. Asking these questions is something children and idiots do. If you ask them too often, you disappear. You stop getting invited around, or you start finding answers to the questions and stop coming around. There is a part of American society, the reflexively rich, who are determined not to ask questions about power and privilege. The way things are right now is the way things are, and let's just go from there.

Now almost everyone correctly perceives that a life of this style is subject to certain challenges, and you'd think a group like this would be going extinct faster than the Shakers, but there's a method of advancement -- you can join this group, if you have the money and stop asking the questions.

As metaphors go, these questions are not metaphors. I'm not talking about abstract metaphysical questions, I'm talking questions like "How come that guy has nothing to eat when I have too much?" "Why can I afford to pay $20 an hour but only pay $10?" "Who makes all this stuff for me anyway?"

Sarah Palin knows how to not ask questions. She knows how to get angry at people for asking the wrong questions. She's actually quite good at that point.


Palin is like a lot of people who have been through traumatic experiences -- she feels that she knows who she truly is, and she is less influenced by the transient opinions of others. In most people this is a virtue. In Palin it has gone wrong and she is now completely immune to negative opinion. She hears criticism only from people she considers friendly, and if you criticise her it is not friendly. This feeds back into her hatred for "gotcha" questions. Because she's not talking to unfriendly audiences. She's talking to people who are willing to meet her halfway and say, "Yeah, the words may not have all been there or been in the right order but I know what she means." Bells, horses, who knows, it's confusing, but Paul Revere totally did something and we know what you mean, Sarah. It's pointless questioning her on it because you know what she meant, and why are you being a dick about it?


Now, how she got to where she is and what damage she's going to cause...that's different. That's not about who she is, it's about who she represents and what she's going to do. The rule in this society is that if you are doing a useful job it doesn't matter what you're like personally. She's waving the standard, she's explaining the reflexive rich to the desperate poor, and she's doing a fairly good job at it. The fact that she is a ticking human time-bomb is, unfortunately, not reason enough to fire her. That's scary for everybody.


geoffsebesta: (Default)

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