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I did a 24-hour comic this weekend, so the last installment of Busta/Lovecraft will be delayed a bit.

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Thanks to Zach Taylor for putting it all together, and to Conjunctured for giving him a place to put it all together. This was the most fun 24hrCD for years and years, and yielded major insights and hilarity. I had a really, really good time.

Also, I'm getting really into making my web site work, so this blog will...well, this blog will still be here, but its main home will be at:


just as soon as I get the last couple kinks ironed out of wordpress. I'd really prefer that y'all follow me over there instead of here, but I'll keep reposting here anyway.

I'm also a huge fan of Project Wonderful:


For reasons that I will explain when I'm less tired, oh and also I now have a FB "artist" page:


Which you can now "follow" but I actually signed up for it accidentally and have no particular plans to develop it at this time; I'm finding my website and Project Wonderful a lot more interesting.
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At Saint-Lô, in Normandy, France

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