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I did a 24-hour comic this weekend, so the last installment of Busta/Lovecraft will be delayed a bit.

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Thanks to Zach Taylor for putting it all together, and to Conjunctured for giving him a place to put it all together. This was the most fun 24hrCD for years and years, and yielded major insights and hilarity. I had a really, really good time.

Also, I'm getting really into making my web site work, so this blog will...well, this blog will still be here, but its main home will be at:


just as soon as I get the last couple kinks ironed out of wordpress. I'd really prefer that y'all follow me over there instead of here, but I'll keep reposting here anyway.

I'm also a huge fan of Project Wonderful:


For reasons that I will explain when I'm less tired, oh and also I now have a FB "artist" page:


Which you can now "follow" but I actually signed up for it accidentally and have no particular plans to develop it at this time; I'm finding my website and Project Wonderful a lot more interesting.
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I've mostly finished my new story for Sequentulär, the Austin Sketchgroup Anthology. I'm supposed to get the rest of the art over the next two days and finish my story as well, and then we'll print it on Monday. This whole thing has been a very pleasant headache.

Since we discovered a better printer who would let us do 108 pages for the same price Kablam charged for 36, we just decided to make one huge one instead of a second small one. You can do that in comics, that's one of the cool things about the medium. You can just completely redo your entire printing plan and all it does is make the old version more valuable.

So I did another story, and John and Carey did another story each, and Sam assembled an excellent selection from his weekly strip, and Chris Sweet and Shane Briggs each contributed one, and even with all that we had ten pages left so I put in "A Story About Dragons" and Zach claims to be finishing up the ASG jam comic from last year, we'll see. So we've been able to build the kernel of the anthology that Zach edited last year up to a fairly impressive work.

The release party is on February the 25th. Fiction Circus and Le Sexy will be there, and we'll do live art and slide shows and drinking and selling art and such. We'll do more on this as soon as we finish the book.

Which means that I have to finish my pages, and Sam and Carey have to finish the new cover, and Zach and John have to finish their pages, but who knows, it really might happen.


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