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I live in Austin for the forseeable future. I'll still be going to MCBA and SDCC, not so sure about the Gathering but probably (if we do, Gewel and I will fly). I've got a camera again, though the pictures I take sometimes only make sense to me.

People were going up on the understructure of the bridge for some reason.

Barton Springs.

one of the cooler little things lately; Rand had to fix a hole in his driveway, which required a big concrete "pie" that weighs several hundred pounds, has several different types of rebar woven through it, and will essentially be there long after you and I and everybody we know is gone. He asked me to do something "artistic, but not too artistic" with the surface, so I had a lot of fun making a notional brick "labyrinth."

Consider; I had to improvise this with less than ten minutes of warning, but this chunk of rock will endure for thousands of years. I'm serious, with all the rebar we have in there it would be almost literally impossible to move this rock by hand. Even if you knew where it all was (and you can't tell, because it's driven inbetween a giant slab of concrete and a bunch of calliche) it would require you to excavate halfway aroud it and then chip it away with a sledgehammer. I do not envy you this task.

Litsa and Leah and Gewel and I went to Enchanted Rock this weekend. Jolly good. We played spades.

We saw vultures.

Back in Austin, I take this picture a lot.

Really the same picture.

Really the same picture.

Really the same picture.

Some rather dim pictures from Staple 2011.

This is still in progress; I was trying to make an animatic of the last twenty pages of Cloudhopper 2. It didn't work that well, but I'm getting there.


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